CSF Contractor Series Floodlights

Contractor Series Floodlight

Contractor Series Floodlights have been superseded by the Trim Series Floodlights.

Lumitex offers a range of LED floodlights to replace conventional halogen and other inefficient technologies. LED floodlights provide considerably longer lifetimes and much cooler operating temperatures than conventional lighting.

Our “Contractor Series” range of 10 Watt, 30 Watt and 50 Watt products offer reliable performance with the advantage of 316 marine grade stainless steel brackets to prolong life in harsh environments. The smallest 10W floodlight is ideal for under eaves, above BBQs or general low level security illumination around the home.

The 50W unit can easily hold its own against 250 Watts or more of halogen floodlighting. See our Contractor Series Floodlight brochure for application comparison photos. For demanding applications, we also offer high performance industrial floodlights producing 18,000 Lumens. Contractor Series Floodlights are available in warm-white (3000K) to match traditional halogen lighting or cool-white (5500K) for high-contrast light.

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  • Low energy consumption
  • Long Life
  • Instant on – perfect for PIR sensors
  • Low heat emission
  • IP 65 rating

Model Flux Consumption Colour Temp Beam Angle Efficacy
LUM10CSF120 857 Lm 10W 5500K 120 85.7
LUM10CSF1203K 10W 3000K 120
LUM30CSF140 2981 Lm 37W 5500K 140 80.6
LUM30CSF1203K 37W 3000K 140
LUM50CSF140 4590 Lm 57W 5500K 140 80.5
LUM50CSF1203K 57W 3000K 140

Contractor Series Floodlight

Contractor Series Floodlight

Quality LED floodlights for home and business.

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