You have just found a reliable source of quality, energy-efficient LED light fixtures from a company working in the LED industry for more than 23 years.

Whatever the application, we are likely to have a solution. Our capabilities extend to:

Retail lighting

Lumitex holds inventory of various shop lighting, including downlights, track lights, standard and emergency lighting, LED office lighting and warehouse lighting. Our LED shop lighting can be dimmed by various methods, including DALI protocol, through to simple rotary wall controls.  Our capability extends to large scale production for shopping malls and national roll-out programs for new or existing retail stores. Our LED shop lighting can be manufactured with high colour rendering specification, delivering vibrant and true visual accuracy to make colours “pop” for retail applications. High colour rendering can also be important in commercial/industrial environments where the correct interpretation of colour is critical for safety.

Warehouse lighting

Our warehouse lighting has optional daylight harvesting sensors and microwave movement sensors, so the lights are on at full brightness only when necessary. We have emergency battens ideal for environments where back-up lighting with impact resistance and weatherproof features are important.

Hospital and general medical lighting

We manufacture a range of medical lighting, including cyanosis rated downlights and panel lighting for hospitals and medical centres. Our medical lighting solutions feature low glare, high performance attributes to ensure an energy-efficient and long life. Our hospital and medical lighting can also be fitted with movement sensors to further increase energy efficiency.

Mining and industrial floodlights

If you are looking for weatherproof outdoor, we offer a large range of LED floodlights, mining lights and industrial lighting. We have specialised lights for mining, oil and gas, where “explosion-proof” specification is a mandatory requirement. Our mining lights are rugged and able to withstand harsh environments, including coastal environments. We manufacture LED floodlights for sensitive environments, including “turtle-friendly” lighting.

Sports field, car yard and car park lighting

We have weatherproof floodlights suitable for tennis courts, parks, carparks and car yards. For sports fields, we manufacture LED sports lighting to suit any venue, including stadium lighting. Our LED sports lights use the latest technology to deliver light in a controlled manner, to meet the latest Australian Standards and restrict obtrusive light. Our sports field lighting caters for AFL, soccer, hockey and a range of other field sports.

Local Government municipality lighting

For Government and municipality projects, we manufacture quality architectural outdoor lighting with various control options, including Smart City interface. We hold inventory of general-purpose weatherproof LED lighting such as surface mounted outdoor lighting, post top lighting and pathway lighting. Our solar lighting options are ideal for projects where trenching is not viable. Solar lighting delivers convenience, low-cost installation and impressive illumination area, without compromise on the performance of traditional technologies.

Roadway and tunnel lighting

We also manufacture roadway and tunnel lighting to Australian Standard and support all the above with lighting design and smart control where required. Every tunnel is unique. We have retrofit tunnel lighting solutions with Australian compliance as well as complete tunnel lights for new and existing tunnels. We can demonstrate prior installations and offer innovative installation solutions to significantly reduce labour costs.

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See our projects for capability examples.

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