Lumitex LED Tunnel Lighting Solutions

Every tunnel is unique.

In order to answer the question, “What is the best lighting solution for this tunnel?”, each project we embark on begins with a stringent assessment program which draws upon our previous successful upgrades.

Sometimes the outcome means offering a completely new LED luminaire to replace existing HPS luminaires up to 800w (twin 400W lamp) configurations. Other times, we find that the tunnel is viable for a retrofit solution


What’s a retrofit solution?

The existing tunnel infrastructure is preserved, resulting in a non-invasive LED upgrade. Physically, a custom LED module will fit neatly inside the original luminaire enclosure, using existing fixing points. In some cases, we can procure original connectors to create a plug & play upgrade system that takes only minutes to replace (once access equipment is in place). The original luminaire enclosure is tested for serviceability and ingress integrity as part of the viability assessment.

Why is a retrofit solution successful?

From a technical perspective, a LED retrofit module will pass tough thermal testing to deliver a long anticipated lifetime. Photometrically, it will perform to meet the latest Australian Standard for tunnel lighting. A retrofit solution will also save a significant amount of capital and dramatically reduce the installation shutdown period. Consequently, engaging our services to identify the opportunity makes for a compelling case.

What’s the Warranty?

We offer a warranty period of up to 10 years, with the first 3 years inclusive of labour. Roadway tunnels are harsh and expensive working environments. To cut corners on quality is false economy and benefits no-one. Our long warranty is underpinned by top-tier, branded, proven electronics manufactured under ISO9001:2015 Quality Management systems. NATA accredited laboratory reports offer validation for operating lifetime expectations.

Working with LEDs since 1996

Our tunnel lighting designs comply with technical parameters of AS/NZS1158.5. Our luminaires comply with all relevant requirements of AS/NZS1158.6
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The Lumitex checklist

  • Compliance to As 1158
  • Precision optics
  • Superior glare control
  • Unprecedented visual clarity
  • Reliability and longevity
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Quick-connect luminaires
  • Serviceable LED modules

We have direct supply links to the world’s biggest LED chip manufacturers and use these relationships to deliver the highest performing, most energy-efficient lighting solution according to the application.

Can we talk?

We certainly invite discussion on how we can work together on your unique project. We will apply our 24-year LED knowledge base to prepare a proposal for your prospective tunnel lighting upgrade.

If you would like some references and case studies, please let us know.

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