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  • Equilux_MainProduct2


A no compromise, high performance recessed downlight which also exceeds requirements for Cyanosis Observation for medical environments (4000K model).

  • Lofty Cyanosis Panel_Main2

Lofty Cyanosis Panel

The Lofty Cyanosis Panel delivers exceptional clarity in medical environments where lighting must meet Australian Standards for cyanosis detection.

  • Activus_Main


A multi-purpose, high quality LED floodlight ideally suited to parks, tennis courts, parking areas and architectural lighting applications.

  • LHB

Isle Master

Isle Master linear high bays are ideal for delivering a controlled beam for rectangular areas between pallet racking and along isles.

  • Servo_Preview


A versatile, high efficiency replacement option for traditional HID canopy lights.

  • Honey Panel_Main


Honey features a refined honeycomb "next generation" diffuser, delivering excellent performance and superior aesthetics compared to traditional LED panels.

  • Drax3


Drax is a distinctly modern architectural luminaire which complements streetscapes, parks, plazas and other public spaces.

  • Beam Angel_1

Beam Angel

A state-of-the-art high bay with contemporary looks.

  • foodie2

Foodie P

A highly efficient high bay with contemporary looks, designed for food handling applications.

  • Elysium


A stylish architectural luminaire where control of light pollution is important.

  • lanelighter

Lane Lighter FN

The Lane Lighter is a high performance, streamlined roadway lighting solution offering flexible installation options.

  • Ludex_Main


A solution for sports fields, hardstands, hi mast and other demanding applications with performance to replace existing 2KW lamps.

  • Betta_Main


A multipurpose high quality LED floodlight ideally suited to parks, stadiums, parking areas and architectural lighting applications.

  • Islander_Preview


A compact and contemporary bollard, ideal for pathways, entrances, gardens and driveways.

  • Consort


A high performance LED downlight designed for retail applications where glare control is a desirable attribute.

  • Cosmo_Main


A modern take on the traditional globe. Plinth, wall or ceiling mounted bulkhead, ideal for both indoor or outdoor applications.

  • Fine Line 12v_Main2

Fine Line 12v

A versatile DIY product that delivers impressive lighting effects into your home or commercial environment.

  • VariTrack_Main


A versatile LED spotlight ideally suited to retail applications, galleries and other situations where variable beam angle adjustment may be a desirable feature.

  • Monica_Preview


A compact wall mounted indirect light which provides a floating effect off the wall and is also suitable for low level orientation lighting.

  • Lippy_Preview


A recessed luminaire with an indirect optical system for controlled light distribution.

  • Blink_Preview


Wall mounted bulkhead with opal polycarbonate diffuser. Suited for indoor and outdoor applications to illuminate wall and pathways with light accents on vertical surfaces.

  • LanelighterCL

Lane Lighter CL

A high quality LED lighting solution for car parks, roadways and general area lighting.

  • Lane Lighter Mini_Preview

Lane Lighter Mini

A high quality LED lighting solution for car parks, roadways and general area lighting. Using modular Philips Luxeon LED technology, these fittings offer a controlled photometric output where light spillage is undesirable.

  • products-lumibay


LumiBay from Lumitex is a market leading LED Highbay offering outstanding performance that exceeds most traditional 400W Metal Halide Highbays.

  • Trooper_Preview


The Lumitex Trooper offers excellent lighting performance suitable for medium sized bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms or any indoor area that requires a bright, surface mounted light.

  • OutLook_Main


This twin LED security light is made from robust die-cast aluminium and can be wall or ceiling mounted.

  • products-bunker-light


Buddy is a sleek and high performing alternative to traditional metal halide fittings, with impact resistance and ingress protection being key features of this range.

  • products-strip-light-24v

Fine Line 24v

A commercial grade flexible architectural strip light with excellent colour rendering.

  • Sleek_Main


Compact energy efficient LED fitting suitable for corridors, kitchens and other areas of general use.

  • products-mytisafe-cb

MytiSafe Controlled Beam

MytiSafe® is a quality, coverable recessed downlight offering glare control, which eliminates much of the stark, bright light source that can commonly be associated with LED lighting.

  • products-industrial-floods


A range of LED floodlights capable of replacing up to 1000W MH floodlights in commercial and industrial environments.

  • products-rectangular-shopfitter


The LED Shopfitter is a low-energy replacement for HID lights commonly used in retail applications.

  • Mytilux1


Mytilux® is ideal for any area that requires wide beam, high level illumination. With performance of up to 1006 Lumens, this general purpose down light will give ample illumination when you need it and superior dimming control if required.

  • products-linear-fitting

Linear Fitting

High quality, surface mounted solid state lighting option to replace fluorescent fittings in tunnels, warehouses, factories, production lines, supermarkets, retail environments and other commercial applications.

  • Pilot_Main


A quality LED highbay that offers IP65 ingress protection. The heart of this system utilises award winning Lumileds as the LED light source, driven by dependable Meanwell brand electronics.

  • products-trim-flood


Trim Series Floodlights offer a low profile, compact footprint ideal for architecturally sensitive installations in residential and commercial environments.

  • Mijit_Main


A very compact general purpose floodlight perfect for under eaves, BBQ areas, driveways, around sheds or wherever low level illumination is required.

  • products-carbatten


The Lumitex Carbatten is a weatherproof luminaire for applications where high-quality, general-purpose lighting is required.

  • products-batten-fitting

Storm Master

A practical LED replacement for surface mounted fluorescent fittings in commercial and industrial environments.

  • Mytisafe Wide Beam

MytiSafe Wide Beam

MytiSafe® is a quality, coverable recessed downlight delivering light in a wide beam pattern suitable for broad area lighting.

  • Stormie_Main


A versatile multi purpose light with optional inbuilt motion sensor suitable for indoor and outdoor applications such as corridors, halls and parking lots.

  • Retail

Retail Series

The Lumitex Retail Series Downlights are an ideal replacement for HID and CFL fittings in new or retrofit installations in commercial environments.

  • Lofty


Lumitex LED panels deliver clean, uncluttered, low glare illumination for commercial environments.