Brand Model Barricade /


MytiSafe Mytilux Mytilux Mini MytiStar
Clipsal Universal rotary 32E450UD          
Clipsal Universal Push Button 4061E2PUDM  
Clipsal Universal C-bus module *Min load = 2 *Min load = 2 *Min load = 2 *Min load = 2
HPM Trailing edge dimmers 250T/400T/ 700T          
HPM EM400A3P          


  1. Any dimmer not listed above must be assumed to be incompatible. Just because a light does not flicker does not confirm compatibility – unusual electronic harmonics may occur that can cause early failure of equipment.
  2. Always read the instructions provided with the dimmer. Dimmer wattages must often be de-rated in various configurations.
  3. Lights may not be covered under warranty if connected to an incompatible dimmer.

In some low load situations (single downlight on a circuit) it may be necessary to use a load correction device such as Clipsal’s 31LCDA or 31CAP.

Circuits using incompatible devices can cause unusual electrical signals which can result in a range of issues including:

  • Flickering of lights
  • Inconsistent dimming
  • Audible hum
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Early failure of equipment