We all know that reading in the dark can harm your eyes, but poor lighting choices affect much more than just that, and an employer’s choice of lighting can have a significant impact on the productivity of employees.

Speed up: The blue light effect

A recently published study by Sleep journal, suggested that exposure to blue dosed or very cool light, such as that from CCT of 5000K – 6000K LED luminaire before commencing an important task could be an effective way to improve performance. Researchers found that exposure to blue light in an otherwise dimly lit room let participants complete cognitive tasks faster than a control group, without any loss of accuracy for speed, and the effects of the blue light exposure lasted for more than thirty minutes.

This suggests that if you are looking to boost productivity for tasks that require alertness and concentration, very cool 6000k light and in all CCT’s up to recommended lighting levels and with good glare control could be the key, but is it as simple as that? That blue-enriched 6000K LED light can increase work performance should be of note to business owners, but by simply upgrading your lighting to a tailored LED design could result in significant energy savings as well as boosted employee performance for an even bigger bottom line.

The study also showed that blue light plays role in lowering melatonin, (created in our glands and encourages sleep), which results in people remaining alert and awake.

Different lighting zones for different tasks
Given the effects blue light can have, it is best to keep it to brainstorming rooms where you want people to feel invigorated and excited to share their ideas. Conference and waiting rooms should have middle tones that produce a friendly and inviting environment typically CCT 4000K, but also cool enough tones to keep workers alert and motivated.

Warmer tones of CCT 3000K work to create a sense of comfort, so this kind of lighting is best used in intimate settings where you want workers to feel calm and relaxed, perhaps in a meeting room, waiting rooms or where you want to evoke trust.

Many innovative companies are discovering the power of strategic lighting as changes in lighting technology become more readily available. Whilst the initial cost of a lighting overhaul may appear daunting, it’s worth keeping in mind the savings you’ll achieve in energy costs and – more importantly – the productivity gains that will more than make up for the cost of the investment.

Are you making the most of your lighting environment?

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