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There are generally good savings to be had when buying online or directly from manufacturers. However, in the case of LED lights it pays to be particularly cautious. A great deal more due diligence is required to deliver a successful buying outcome with LED lights, compared to, say, buying “non-technical” products.

While there are good products available online, they tend to be buried amongst thousands of dubious offerings, making it difficult to identify the good from the bad. To make matters worse, some of the bad products have quite good marketing material to sway your decision.

Here are some facts that you may not be aware of;

  • Your bargain lights may not be compliant with strict Australian Standards.
  • ”CE” Certification has no relevance in Australia.
  • An electrician has a duty of care to install products that are deemed “fit for purpose” and has the right to refuse installation of any product where compliance certification is not readily visible. (Please try to respect this, since if your premises burns down as a result of a non-compliant light, the installer may be the first in line to explain why)
  • If in doubt, before purchasing ask to see evidence of Australian Compliance. A reputable company will not hesitate to share documents confirming the many thousands of dollars spent to make that product safe for use in Australia.
  • If a non-compliant product not approved for sale in Australia is proven to be the cause of a fire or other “event”, there may be further implications during the claims process.
  • If attempting to buy direct from the factory, the factory may show some type of compliance or testing document. However, additional testing is required to be performed prior to products being sold in Australia. Commonly known as “AU Variations” these supplemental lab tests form part of the crucial testing package that not only makes our products safe, but also adds to the cost of correctly complied products.
  • Always ask about the warranty support on offer. What happens if that floodlight mounted on a 20 metre pole fails? Will the seller be there to support you?
  • Ask how long they have been selling LED products. Greater comfort, for example, may come from a company offering 5 years warranty who has been operating for 10 years, rather than a 7 year warranty from a company registered last year.