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When we have a chance to escape the city and the sky is clear, the stars are an amazing sight.
Unfortunately, light pollution is the primary reason our view of the stars is limited in cities.
Light pollution is categorised further into;

Urban Sky Glow — Cities with glowing skies above.
Light Trespass — light shining into unwanted areas.
Glare — excessive brightness causing high contrast and decreased visibility.
Clutter — Numerous light sources, common to urban areas, contributing to symptoms above.

LED lighting offers unprecedented control over light and empowers designers with the ability to
reverse the effects of light pollution. However, while the LED products are available to bring this
important benefit, not every LED installation is taking advantage of the innovative glare control
characteristics on offer.

Given that LED lighting is a “point source” light compared to traditional lightning, glare can be an
even greater issue with LED if good design is not correctly implemented.

For buyers of outdoor LED lighting who agree that we should be reversing light pollution, stand firm
and insist on high quality, lens and shield based glare control options wherever possible so the light
is directed to where it is needed. The products to deliver this solution are ready and waiting.